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Larchmont Peptide Therapy

Discover the power of Peptide Therapy and HGH as effective solutions for the challenges that come with aging. Weight gain, health issues, and memory loss can feel overwhelming, but with advancements in medical research, there are now new possibilities for improving our well-being. Let Revived Wellness introduce you to these innovative therapies.


Peptides, which are naturally found in every cell and tissue of our bodies, are short chains of amino acids. Despite their small size, peptides can have a remarkable impact on our overall quality of life, influencing our appearance, emotions, and more.


application methods

oral troche
oral capsule
nasal spray

Benefits of peptides:

Application methods

peptides available at revived​ 


• Promote lipolysis

• Prompt fat release from obese fat cells

• Prevent lipogenesis (fat accumulation)

• Boost the body’s metabolism

• Less appetite stimulation


• Enhance sleeping patterns

• Improve LH and GH release

• Decrease cortisol production

• Slow somatostatin production

• Reduce of chronic pain

• Regulate circadian rhythm


• Raise luteinizing hormone secretion

• Increase Testosterone

• Boosts follicle stimulating hormone

• Improve energy

• Increase aldosterone production

• Strengthen cognitive function

• Enhance libido (male & female)


• Help with hypoactive sexual desire disorder in premenopausal women

• Enhance libido (male & female)

• Increase energy

• Treat ED (erectile dysfunction)

• Help enhance sexual satisfaction

• Fix skin pigmentation (sunless tanning agent)


• Promote weight loss

• Decrease body fat

• Increase energy levels

• Reverse pre-diabetes

• Decrease risk of diabetes

• Lower cholesterol

• Stimulate insulin secretion


• Reduce inflammation

• Improve joint health

• Protect against drug-induced damage

• Accelerate wound & ligament healing

• Improve intestinal damage 

• Heighten overall skin appearance

• Repair skin barrier proteins


• Improve skin elasticity and firmness

• Reduce hyper-pigmentation and skin spots

• Stimulate skin collagen and reduces inflammation

• Improve overall skin appearance

• Reduce inflammation

• Increase hair growth and follicle size

• Accelerate production of stem cells


• Accelerate wound & injury healing

• Benefit many inflammatory conditions

• Strengthen immune system

• Help irritable bowel diseases (IBD)

• Benefit ulcerative colitis and intestinal damage

• Improve overall skin appearance

• Repair skin barrier proteins


• Superior learning aptitude and memory processes

• Better sensory awareness

• Enhance mental concentration

• Decrease anxiety and stress levels

• Protect brain from damage 

• Better and steady mood

• Helpful in the treatment of ADHD


• Promote hair growth

• Prevent hair loss

• Improve endogenous hair pigmentation

• Treat androgenic alopecia

• Useful for both male and female

• Can be combined with alternate hair growth protocols


• Improve sleep quality

• Increase energy & endurance

• Improve cellular repair & injury recovery

• Increase bone density

• Accelerate injury recovery

• improve immune system

• Increase collagen production


• Promotes lipolysis

• Enhance collagen production

• Promote lean body mass

• Improve sleep quality

• Increased energy & endurance

• Stimulate cellular repair

• Decrease appetite stimulation


• Promote bone density

• Boost lean body & muscle mass

• Improve sleep quality

• Increase energy and endurance

• Strengthen cellular repair

• Enhance cognitive performance

• Support joint health


• Superior learning aptitude and memory processes

• Better sensory awareness

• Enhance mental concentration

• Decrease anxiety and stress levels

• Protect brain from damage 

• Better and steady mood

•Helpful in the treatment of ADHD

Join the Elite Biohackers

Consistency is key, as one-time treatments won't yield lasting results. Similar to exercise, IV therapy requires dedication. As a valued member of Revived, you'll have access to exclusive pricing and benefits that support long-term integration of this powerful wellness service into your life. Join our passionate community of professionals who are singularly devoted to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Our ultimate goal is for you to experience your best self and live your best life. Join the Revived family and immerse yourself in a warm, compassionate community that stands by your side, providing unwavering support.

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Revived takes pride in being an active member of the local community. We aim to educate and collaborate with like-minded businesses, working together to create positive environmental and social impact. Let's collaborate and make a change together.

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