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Vitamin shots in Houston

Delivering a beneficial dose of your therapy in as little of 5 minutes, providing an excellent pick me up for those with a busy schedule in need of a boost.

Bundle pricing and take home options available.

vitamin B12 

Vitamin B12 is essential for supporting the health of your red blood cells, nervous system, & everyday proper bodily function, delivering sustainable energy, increasing metabolic processes, & regulating mood.


Found in all cells, CoQ10 is vital in producing cellular energy in the form of ATP. There are various potential benefits from preventing free radical generation and DNA, proteins, and lipids modifications.


Giving your body a boost in metabolism and energy from B12 while aiding in the breakdown of stored fats. These injections work best with a combination of diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.


A multi-beneficial amino supports protective
promoting focus. It has been shown to strengthen heart muscles, regulate blood pressure, reduce muscle soreness, & aid in recovery from training.


Helps to prevent the feeling of nausea. Well- tolerated with minor adverse effects by most people and safe to be used in both adults and children.


​Strengthens & maintains healthy skin, hair, and nails. Supports healthy metabolism. Protects brain function & fights cognitive decline.

vitamin d

Vitamin D is vital for bone and muscle health; it increases concentration, helps manage blood sugar levels, & protects against cancer.


A combination of amino acids is delivered in one injection to stimulate the liver to optimize the process of metabolism. Proven to elevate the movement of and utilization of fat, boost the body's metabolic power, & increase exercise performance.


This medication is a nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drug (NSAID). It helps to decrease swelling, pain, or fever.


Delivering five powerful B vitamins in one injection. This dynamic combination boosts your body's immune system. It supports mood, hormone balance, energy production , & memory.


This powerful antioxidant protects our cells by clinging onto harmful environmental toxins & chemicals and expels them, fighting off free radicals.


This restorative therapy increases NAD levels within the body, enhancing energy & boosting overall cellular performance. Improving mood & cognitive health, boosting immune & antioxidant function, aiding in age- related disease prevention, & improving symptoms of addiction.


Offering you a combination of ornithine, arginine, & citrulline. These amino acids play a vital role in supporting cardiovascular health & healthy blood f low & aid in erectile dysfunction caused by vascular issues. & poor circulation.

join the elite bodyhackers

Consistency matters. One drip won’t give you the long-term results you’re looking for. IV therapy is a little bit like exercise that way.

As a Revived member, you gain access to special pricing and benefits that can help you integrate this powerful wellness service into your life long-term. We also provide you with a passionate community of professionals who are dedicated to one thing and one thing only: helping you meet your health and wellness goals. Visit us at our two locations in Tanglewood and River Oaks.

We want you to feel your best so you can live your best. Join the Revived family and enter a warm, caring community who is here to support you.

Membership: powerful perks you deserve.



  • ​ VIP Access & Benefits

  •  Special IV Drip Pricing

  • Includes One Free Monthly Booster

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  •  Enrollment in Rewards Program



  • All the IV League Benefits

  • One Free Monthly Wellness Drip  

  •  5 Free IV League Guest Passes 

  • 1 Free Monthly HBOT Treatment 

  • 50% off Delivery Fee


Current Specials


NAD shot $80,bundle of 5-$400
Super B-complex shot $25,bundle of 5- $100
Lipo-B shot $28, bundle of 5- $112
3 months of weight loss program for $999
4 sessions of SkinPen microneedling $1200
4 sessions of PRX chemical peel $800
Free autoimmune consultation
Free peptide consultation
Free weight loss consultation
Receive a 15% discount on our skincare products with the purchase of a beauty drip


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