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fitness drip houston


Our Fitness Drip in Houston provides muscle and fitness enhancement to help you achieve optimum output and recovery, catering to the active and athletic lifestyle. Packed with high concentrations of energy-boosting B vitamins and powerful amino acids, this drip is a popular choice for enhancing performance and improving muscle recovery times.

We’ve also gone the extra mile and included MSM for increased joint strength and mobility, improved immune function, and reduced inflammation to restore healthy body tissue. Book online or visit one of our two locations in Houston, and experience the tremendous power of this specialized fitness drip therapy. Feel stronger, perform better, and recover faster than ever with the Revived Fitness Drip!


main benefits

It is known that oral intake of fluids and vitamins has an absorption rate of up to 60%. With IV therapy, that percentage skyrockets to 100%! Use that to your advantage and enhance your athletic performance.


This specialized drip will improve your muscle recovery, increase your joint strength and mobility, and reduce inflammation, making sure that you are at your best day after day.

when to infuse


  • To enhance performance

  • To lubricate joints

  • To energize your body throughout your workouts.

Post strenuous workouts:

  • To rehydrate your body

  • To balance the levels of vitamins

  • To replenish amino acids

  • To restore electrolytes that your body has lost

add a boost to any drip

alpha lipoic acid











mineral blend

vitamin c 

additional fluids


vitamin shots

join the elite bodyhackers

Consistency matters. One drip won’t give you the long-term results you’re looking for. IV therapy is a little bit like exercise that way.

As a Revived member, you gain access to special pricing and benefits that can help you integrate this powerful wellness service into your life long-term. We also provide you with a passionate community of professionals who are dedicated to one thing and one thing only: helping you meet your health and wellness goals.

We want you to feel your best so you can live your best. Join the Revived family and enter a warm, caring community who is here to support you.

Membership: powerful perks you deserve.



  • ​ VIP Access & Benefits

  •  Special IV Drip Pricing

  • Includes One Free Monthly Booster

  • 20% Off Shots & Boosters

  •  Enrollment in Rewards Program



  • All the IV League Benefits

  • One Free Monthly Wellness Drip  

  •  5 Free IV League Guest Passes 

  • 1 Free Monthly HBOT Treatment 

  • 50% off Delivery Fee


Current Specials


NAD shot $80,bundle of 5-$400
Super B-complex shot $25,bundle of 5- $100
Lipo-B shot $28, bundle of 5- $112
3 months of weight loss program for $999
4 sessions of SkinPen microneedling $1200
4 sessions of PRX chemical peel $800
Free autoimmune consultation
Free peptide consultation
Free weight loss consultation
Receive a 15% discount on our skincare products with the purchase of a beauty drip

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